Vision Board Workshop

Want to create and manifest a powerful vision?

If you are not in the place you want to be in your life, then you need to find your vision.  A Vision Board is a tool to help you manifest what you want in life.


I upgraded the vision board making into a process to find your vision within.

How It Works

My Inner Vision Board Workshop is designed to give you the tools for a direct connection with what your spirit is calling you to do. 


My Inner Vision Board Workshop is given in creative space with a small group.  I take you on a very personal journey within through, meditation, improvisational exercises and actual vision board making. 


All you have to do is be ready and open for an amazing experience.


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What My Clients Say

My Inner Vision Board Workshops results have been ASTOUNDING!


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Here are comments from Inner Vision Board workshop attendees:

“I would definitely recommend it Briana’s Inner Vision Board Workshop! The whole process was geared to growth of “finding some inner clarity”. This must be done with someone who understands the process of finding that and Briana was amazing at walking the group through that process.  I appreciated Briana’s professionalism, kindness and acceptance.”

- Heather Adams

“I would highly recommend Briana’s, Inner Vision Board Workshop!  It was an amazing experience, insightful and fun. I enjoyed the meditation and the game to build up the momentum of excitement.  It wasn’t just a vision board or a goal poster it was really seeing what came out of prayer and meditation and letting our creative side come out, our true self.”

- Amy Lloyd

“I truly enjoyed and appreciated the Inner Vision Board Workshop facilitated by Briana. I think what appealed to me was not only that there were no expectations - you constructed your vision board based on your instincts and what "grabbed" you - but that Briana took the time to generously interpret the boards with her mind and soul. I brought mine home and placed just above my desk for inspiration.”

- Cathy Deimeke, R.D.

“I really enjoyed the Inner Vision Board Workshop with Briana.  It helped me relax and let go of my opinions about the vision board idea. The steps we followed before we started the vision board were amazing. I am so grateful that she did that. The entire process of being open to what the meditation would show was perfect. Neither activity took too long and allowed me to be open minded to what God wanted to show me.


I have told several people about Briana’s Inner Vision Board Workshop and they were excited to hear about the positive impact it has had on me.”


- Chelsea Griefenberg

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