Let’s Work Together

Promoting Health & Well-Being

With workshops, one-on-one coaching, and online sessions, I tailor my stress reduction workshops to suit your needs and lifestyle and help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Below are samples of my services.

Introductory Stress Reduction Classes

Topics:Solutions for Stress Relief, Mindful Habits at Work & More 

  • Promotion: ie. flyers, emails with sign up

  • Class worksheet

  • Private Zoom Invite & Connection 

  • 10 min Presentation with Slides

  • 5 min Live Practice of one of the 3 skills

  • 5 min Q&A 

  • Feedback session with Coordinator to gage interest in further classes.

6 Week Series 

Stress Reduction Exercises for a longer lasting period. This 6-week series focuses on a goal and a desired outcome with measurable results. There are two 6-week series to choose from. 

Series Topic Examples –Energy Boost, Clear Mind Fog, How to find Clarity in Chaos 

One-on-One Mindful Coaching

Anyone can do Stress Reduction (we all have the apps). But sometimes maintaining is the hardest part. I am here to guide & support you on your journey to further clarity and calm to where you want to be. 

About Me

Briana Beveridge is a Speaker, Workshop Facilitator,

Certified Meditation Instructor &

Mindful Leadership Coach 


Briana Beveridge has over 30 years’ experience training, teaching, and practicing Mindfulness & Meditation.


From a small town in Illinois, Briana dreamt of seeing the world. A Veteran of The United States Air Force she also pursued and achieved her dream of a career in the NYC Fashion Industry working with designers, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang and others. Briana transitioned from the Fashion Industry by starting her own Professional Organizing business working with senior level executives to eliminate clutter, develop systems with mindful skills for stress reduction.

Today Briana’s business, Your Beautiful Balance, works with corporations and Individuals to reduce the stresses in their professional and personal lives using evidence-based Mindful techniques.

Briana has 2 beautiful daughters entering college and has been married for 27 years. Her favorite things to do are hike, see Art, be in nature, read and hang out with her daughters and friends.