Top 10 Meditation Myths

I get it, you don’t think you can Meditate. Can’t sit crossed legged on the floor, chant OOOMMMM, and stop your thoughts? Great! You don’t have to!!! There is only one thing you need before you can have a successful Mediation practice. When you do this first you have created a clear road to Meditation success. Clear out your Meditation Myths! Because I have practiced Meditation for many years with much trial and error, I’ve noticed there are common myths associated with beginning, re-starting and maintaining a Meditation practice. Our mind tries to trick and confuse us into thinking that we cannot possibly start and continue a Meditation practice. Here are some of the tricks that keep you from Meditating.

  • I need more sleep, I cannot get up any earlier than I do now

  • I would but my mind races all over the place and I end up frustrated instead of calm

  • Pretty sure I am not doing it right anyways sooo….

  • I end up sleeping through savasana after Yoga so I will probably do the same during Meditation

  • I tried it for a while and I didn’t get all those benefits everyone talks about so again why?

Watch todays video and get the TOP 10 Biggest Meditation Myths explained and will finally put an end to your Meditation dilemmas, setbacks and excuses for not establishing a more peaceful, relaxed and clear life. Let me know your dilemmas, excuses and setbacks you have had with Meditation and let’s see if we can solve them together. Mindfully, Briana


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