The Difference Between Sitting Quietly and Meditation

I have a small confession, I have been married for 24 years to the same wonderful, smart, funny and engaging man. We have an amazing life and family together. We are literally best friends and we have no secrets. We have traveled to many different countries and states together and laughed and cried together. We have shared almost a quarter of a century as a married couple. We have had our downs and ups but we have walked through it all together. But there is one secret I do keep from others about our relationship. I keep this secret, not that anyone has ever asked, because I want to share this part of my life with my husband but he wants NO PART! That part of my life that my husband wants no part of is, Meditation. He doesn’t think its all that important for him. He sees the wonderful benefits that I receive from Meditation and the benefits clients say they have received after my coaching and/or classes, but he thinks that everyone is different. When we were dating he attended several Meditation classes with me. He attended my second Yoga and Meditation Instructor completion ceremony and hears my alarm every morning for me to get up and Meditate. Still he is not moved to even try it. I am telling you all this because he is RIGHT! All of us are different and need different techniques to help us release stress, increase creativity and have peace. Recently I asked him what are his questions about Meditation, why is it something he is not interested in and he asked me 3 questions that I really had to think about. Today’s video is an answer to his first question, “What is the difference between ‘Sitting Quietly vs. Meditation?’”. He loves to sit quietly and I love Meditation. Click on the video and you will see what the differences are. And if you are like my husband, leave me a message on what you do to practice peace in your life.

Mindfully, Briana


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