Meditation Secret Sauce - Part 2

Knowledge is Power right?

If you are like most people, you have tried several times to Meditate and maybe were able to practice for a while but out of the blue, you stopped.

No one reason really, just a couple things started adding up and you forgot to remember how easy and energizing Meditation is for you.

Some of the reasons my clients have given me for stopping Meditating are:

  • I didn’t know if I was doing it right or not

  • I was tired and stopped getting up

  • It started to be a hassle to find the time to Meditate

  • I didn’t “see” or “feel” anything after awhile

  • I got really really busy and couldn’t

Want to know a secret? These responses are COMPLETELY NORMAL. Anytime you start a Meditation practice it is virtually impossible to maintain it every single day. Nor is it a requirement that you practice Meditation perfectly. I hope that takes some of the weight off of you. The important thing is to build a foundation that supports a healthy and non-guilt inducing, Meditation practice.

Todays video “Meditation Secret Sauce Part 2” is the 3rd pillar you need for an Absolutely Amazing Meditation practice.

The 1st pillar is Meditation

Establishing a Meditation practice is key when you want less stress and anxiety in your life.

The 2nd pillar is Gratitude

You need all the support you can get when practicing Meditation and writing a Gratitude list infuses and motivates you to look for more reasons to be grateful which in turn pumps up your Meditation experience.

The 3rd pillar is(watch the video to find out)

You need all the help you can get and in the video “Meditation Secret Sauce Part 2” is an important part in the 3 pillars of Meditation sustainability.

Meditation can be fun and mind expanding when you really commit and use all of the 3 Pillars. It sounds like a huge time commitment but I promise you IT IS NOT!

Give yourself the gift of a greater attention span, greater memory, improved sleep and much more by practicing all 3 pillars.

Make an agreement with yourself and/or someone else to keep accountable and committed and watch the stress and anxiety float away.

It works! I really does! Try it out!

Love, Briana


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