How to be in the NOW


I hate to admit it but it’s true, I got it wrong.

But what happened because I was wrong, couldn’t be more right.

I began a journey that excited and intrigued me in my early 20’s. Since I had not grown up with a spiritual belief system I was fascinated by all of them.

I explored churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, halls, studios, gurdwaras. I traveled to a couple of countries, received initiation from a few spiritual teachers, memorized special mantras, Meditated at the most auspicious times of the day, tithed 10% of my day to Yoga and Meditation, dressed in certain colors to align with the earths energy patterns, attended many many spiritual retreats, received certifications for yoga and meditation techniques and guess what, I GOT IT WRONG!

The real reason I went on this personal quest? I was searching for the “right way”. Basically I wanted a shortcut.

I asked a teacher of mine once which is “the best religion”. His reply was, “My dear, all roads lead to Rome”. I thought he was ignoring my question and giving me some sort of esoteric answer but he actually gave me the shortcut at that moment.

What I discovered is that with all my efforts to;

  • do it right

  • become more enlightened

  • feel calmer

  • have more joy and

  • obtain a deeper presence within

I missed the very thing that all my teachers and teachings I studied were trying to give me.

There is nothing you need to understand before you can become present.

But wait, that’s hard right? Or should it be easy? It is definitely complicated right?


None of the above.

This awareness of this snuck up on me one day. Just a day that was crowded with many demands. It was the kind of day where everything went smoothly. I didn’t try to ‘make it happen’ or force a solution, I just ended up in a flow. There was little effort on my part and all I had to do was fully show up and the solutions came. Like a mechanical clock, beautiful on the exterior and the complicated interior was in perfect sync.

It was MAGICAL!!! This experience lasted for awhile. I only noticed it was gone because my tendency to worry crept back in and my Magical Mystery Tour ended.

I tried and tried to figure out how I “got there” and how to get back. But what I realized is that there was no ‘getting to’ or ‘going back’, there is only now.

Watch todays video and get the 2 things to start your practice of being in the NOW.

Start your own inner mechanical clock being in sync. No need to go anywhere, it’s all right where are, right now. Discover your own Magical Mystery Tour and what beauty you already have around you.

The best part, NOTHING has to change around you. I am giving you the shortcut. No need to climb the mountain, it’s right here.

Let me know how this works for you by leaving a comment AND If you want to learn more, email me at briana@beveridge.meand I will be happy to teach you even more Mindful Skills.

Love, Briana


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