Celebrate Your Independence

In the United States, we are getting ready for pool parties, barbeques, friends and family gatherings, to celebrate our countries independence. Let’s also take some time to celebrate our “Inner–dependence”.

A lot of times we celebrate things outside ourselves (Holidays, birthdays, accomplishments, ect.) and now we can add a celebration of Inner-dependence.

What do I mean by Inner-dependence?

I define Inner-dependence as developing a practice of awareness in all areas of your life so you feel all the parts of you are aligned.

For instance, how does your inner world look? Are you filled with joy, happiness and love, connections, partnership, friendship, healing as your core? We all have bad days but at your core are you excited about your life?

How does your life look outside of you? Are your commitments and relationships ones that nurture, stretch, grow and support who you really are and want to be? Or is your time filled with busy, chaos and overachieving that leads to numbing yourself?

In today’s video I give you the 3 things you can do to start your Inner-dependence*.

Here are some clarifying questions to see where you are on the Inner-dependence spectrum:

  • Are you meditating regularly?

  • Do you celebrate your body feeding it great foods most of the time?

  • Are your fashion choices a celebration of who you are today? (ie; Do you have great shoes in great condition, flattering clothing choices that make you feel great, a hairstyle that best serves you?)

  • Is your home a place that nurtures you, your family, your friends?

  • Do you celebrate yourself by giving your body ample sleep and rest?

  • Do you celebrate loved ones with special notes, cards, phone calls to tell them how great you think they are? (Could be your children, hubby, friends, family need you to celebrate them). Do they celebrate you?

Polishing up inner-dependence is a lifetime job but it only gets better and better. The more you celebrate your Inner-Dependence by practicing the above, the more Inner-dependent you will become. This does not mean you are alone, it means you are even more in the world and available for it.

Go for it and let me know what you are already doing to grow your Inner-dependence.


Love, Briana


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