Your Beautiful Balance Monthly Mini-Series

Join Live 15 minute Guided Meditation Series

Want consistency & accountability with your Meditation practice?

Want LIVE Meditations you can easily follow?

Want a call-in format? (no Zoom!)

Then this Series is for you!

How It Works

The YBB Monthly Mini-Series:

  • Are held every 3rd Thursday of the Month

  • Have 3 LIVE Guided Meditations (because classes are just 15 mins each, they fit any schedule)

  • LIVE Q&A to get all your Meditation questions answered. You don’t have to Meditate alone and wonder if you are doing it correctly.

  • Get Information on:   

  • Simple solutions for your Ideal Meditation space

  • Learn how to make your Meditation practice an EPICK one

  • Easy Mindful practices given after each class to practice throughout your day

The results you can look forward to

  • Improved awareness in a gentle way

  • More relaxed, less stressed (shoulders nowhere near your ears, lol)

  • Your mind opening to new possibilities

  • Seeing patterns that could use an upgrade

  • Better sleep


YES ! in just 3 classes you can get this accomplished.


Join today and do not miss your chance to find Your Beautiful Balance!

What My Clients Say

My Monthly Mini-Series results have been REMARKABLE!


Here are comments from Monthly Mini Seris attendees:

"The YBB Mini Guided Meditation class was more than I expected it to be.  Between the 1st & 2nd sessions I realized Meditation taught me alternatives.  Instead of being bothered in my head I switched it up and was opened up and felt better making actual changes to my life and the people around me."

- Robyn V.

"I wanted a way to clear and relax my very active mind, so I tried Briana’s Mini-Guided Meditation classes.  Her very 1st class gave me a breathing technique that helped me relieve my intrusive thoughts.  I now use that technique throughout the day and it feels good."

- Gunter V. (80 years old)