Briana Beveridge

I'm a Meditation Coach that’s practiced and studied meditation for over 30 years, and 

I support YOU in finding YOUR style of Meditation, for YOUR BEAUTIFUL BALANCE.


My work is to share simple skills to support YOU in finding YOUR way to a Meditation practice that fits YOUR personality, and YOUR lifestyle.


All of us have a way to hear what is going on within, we just need the right skills and confidence. 


Your spirit is always giving you positive support, clear answers and direction on a daily basis. Not constant criticism.


I believe YOU already have YOUR answers within and I support you to find them with my

Monthly Minis, Sanity and Serenity Series, Vision Board Classes & Chaos to Clarity Coaching series.


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Why did I seek Meditation?


Growing up I covered my anxiety with overachievement. I thought joining & doing helped me be less anxious. It didn't.

When I took that first yoga class I was hooked!  I finally felt what I heard was “balance” and I wanted more! So I got certified in 2 types of Yoga and attended every type of Meditation class, training and teaching I could.


When I started my Professional Organizing business I noticed my clients were fellow overachievers. I introduced a Meditative practice to ease anxiety and watched as physical and mental clarity came to them in all areas of their lives


When I moved to the desert I had to change my Meditation practice.

A new town, fertility issues and losing most of my business threatened to unhinge me.

So I went to my training and did tweak a way that worked for me. It ended up giving me solutions, freedom and balance in my life

Why do I teach Meditation & Mindfulness?

Before there was a ton of research on the incredible benefits of meditation, I just knew it worked for me and I trusted the thousands of years of different practices.  Today, loads of Science based studies prove the many and varied benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation.


I make mistakes and have bad days of self-doubt and the ‘f’ word (fear) like everyone else but my meditation practice has always seen me through, especially now with COVID-19.!


My commitment is to bring you the very best Meditation & Mindful techniques that have proven results and to be honest along the way.  Please don’t expect perfection, but do expect compassion, hilarity (I love to laugh) and dedication.  I am here to be of service.  I have built my business on a foundation of love, vision and wisdom.


With my free content, paid classes, 1to1 coaching and other unique offers, I am here to partner with you to build Your Beautiful Balance.  A balance that fits who you are in the world and a life you truly love.


If you have read all this, thank you. I would love to learn about Your Beautiful Balance needs.

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