1 to1 Meditation Coaching



The Your Beautiful Balance Meditation Coaching program was created for individuals ready for personalized Meditation experience and lasting results.


If you are ready to prioritize a balanced life with increased energy and vitality, then this is the program for you.


With Meditation and Mindfulness being the core practices, you will gradually learn everything you need to know to start putting yourself first without sacrificing loved ones. This is not a quick fix, as you will need time to get your mind and body rid of old patterns and implement your new plan.


When you commit to move forward to uncover, discover and discard to grow, I guarantee you will be satisfied with your progress.

Each session is conducted via ZOOM or Conference call.


Are ready to begin to discover and live your dream life, then schedule a FREE 30-minute consult here:

To potential YBB Meditation & Mindful Coaching Clients:


As a personal service, I offer an "in-person visit" (via ZOOM) to your home at NO EXTRA CHARGE to assist in Meditation set up.


This in-person visit helps you establish a place in your home to Meditate.  In my experience, there are some who get bogged down by this and need a little assistance.  This is a completely OPTIONAL service that is available to you.

Sample classes by month.

Month #1 Mindfulness & Meditation

Month #2 Mantra Meditation

Month #3 Visualization Meditation

Month #4 Sound Meditation

Month #5 Contemplation Meditation

Month #6 Evaluation of Skills


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