Join my 12-Week Sanity & Serenity Live Meditation Series

I teach Meditation in a style that fits YOUR LIFE

The Sanity & Serenity LIVE Meditation Series is designed for those wanting a deep dive and commitment to take a deep dive into Meditation practice.

How It Works

Sanity & Serenity LIVE Guided Meditation classes are comprised of:

  1.  Call in for LIVE Meditation classes (no driving or putting on a mask!)

  2. New Meditations each week

  3. Weekly Q&A’s to answer your Meditation questions real-time

  4. Discovering your own kind of Meditation practice

  5. Make you the 1st priority of your day

  6.  Monthly coaching calls

  7. Call in Guided Meditation, no trying to “empty your mind”

  8. Get through this Pandemic with positive support

  9. Classes that are 15 minutes per class 2 times per week

  10. The community of support, no ‘going it alone’

  11. Able to pay more attention to the things you love

  12. Calmer, happier, relaxed and more confident

  13. Greater emotional connections

  14. Less reliant on addictive behaviours

  15. Enjoy your life more (No more trudging through the day to get back to bed)

  16.  Writing prompts for further insights


  1. Energy Boost: How to raise your energy using your breath with a mental exercise

  2. Centring: Getting your mind centered even with the chatter

  3. Ease: Getting comfortable with Ease

  4. Serenity: How to experience Serenity in Chaos

  5. Sanity: How to embrace Sanity

  6. Happiness: Defining what real happiness is for you

  7. Wisdom: Welcome and access the wisdom already within you

  8. Quiet: Acceptance of Quiet in Chaos

  9. Balance: How to hug and cuddle balance

  10. Peace Boost: Keeping the peace within yourself (even in a pandemic)

  11. Equality: Seeing Balance in all sides of YOU

  12. Sanity & Serenity: Embracing it One Day at a Time

Class Topics

What Is Included

  • Access to the exclusive Sanity & Serenity group ($250 value)

  • Twice weekly Meditation Classes ($50-$200 per session value)

  • Weekly Q&A LIVE sessions ($500 value)

  • Weekly writing prompts ($200)

  • Unlimited email access

Total value for all of this amazingness= $1,000 - $2,150​

​*Series Bonuses*

When you enroll in Sanity & Serenity LIVE Meditation Series

You’ll also receive these additions - a $250 value - for FREE!!

  • How to set up a Meditation area in your home

    • Find the best spot to set up your Meditation area

    • How to make it your go-to place for serenity

    • What to have in that area

  • How to have an EPICK Meditation Experience: 

    • Learn the skills to have an amazing Meditation practice

  • FREE Consult with Me!

    • I will give each class participant a FREE CONSULT help shape and develop a Meditation experience that best fits your life.