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What My Clients Say


Terry Cole

Briana has a natural gift for guiding, “the overextended", to find peace within. No matter my mood, by the end of our sessions, I’ve felt validated and heard because what Briana does best is listen. She has the ability to help me sort through the clutter in my mind using meditation.  Briana has helped me see I can make choices how I’m going to react and enter into situations. This awareness is empowering.  I would recommend Your Beautiful Balance Coaching to anyone who is interested in improving or enhancing some part of their professional and or personal lives.”

Audrey Cosper.jpg

Audrey C.

"I had let my regular meditation practice slack, never felt comfortable meditation anyway, and I needed a good 'kick in the pants' to get going again. Because the class was live at a specific time it helped me to keep my commitment to Briana and myself to actually meditate. The live format gave me the opportunity to ask questions when I was not certain I was doing it 'right' and gave me a sense of community - I was not alone. The actual practice was peaceful and educational and always seemed to tie into the information and inspiration I needed at the moment.

Thank you, Briana!!"

michelle testimonial.png

Michele Fleming

"I would highly recommend Briana to anyone beginning meditation or looking to deepen their own practice. From the moment we started I felt a new peace wash over me. Briana’s voice is like a soothing balm. Where other guided meditations had felt intrusive, Briana’s voice seemed to blend with my thoughts and intentions.  I have learned several techniques that were new to me, without even realizing it. Beginning my day with a guided meditation in an environment that was comfortable and without judgment, helped me to maintain focused energy throughout the day and stay grounded in serenity.  I was also able to use the techniques in my own meditation practice. These benefits are priceless to me in this ever-changing world."

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